<strike>Quick, run!</strike> Never mind, it's a restaurant with wings and beer

Despite the impressions Portlandia puts off, Oregon's strangest city still embraces some more traditional concepts, like pairing wings n' beer, or using a tiny comb on your handlebar mustache, most critically after dirtying it with wings and beer. And now, they're exporting that goodness to Denver, via Fire on the Mountain.Opening in the Highlands after burning up PDX, Fire pushes the time-tested squawk 'n suds combo via 12 proprietary wing sauces and eight crafts, all served in a brightly colored 90-seater with counter service, also a startup that the vampire from Sesame Street keeps pushing all his friends to invest in. Warm up the ole stomach with potater apps (fresh-cut or sweet potato fries, tots), then get further acquainted with their deep-fryer by snagging fried pickles with chipotle mayo, onion rings with chili garlic aioli, or bleu cheese-stuffed 'shrooms, all of which can be washed down with CO drafts from the likes of Dry Dock or Wit's End, aka "drinking a bunch of beers". The wings, meanwhile, are available boneless or regular, and get doused in sauces like bourbon chipotle, lime cilantro, and the habanero/ jalapeno-based "El Jefe" that's hot enough to "double as a bear-repellent", and, ironically, put some fur on your chest.If you haven't gotten enough grease by entree's end, they're also serving fried Twinkies and Oreos for dessert, so go nuts, and ensure no one (from Portland or anywhere) ever wants to embrace you again!