Stellar breakfasty eats in Highland

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then new breakfast-heavy Highland spot The Universal is the most important restaurant ever opened. With 80 seats and "sophisticated, urban" touches like pine beetle-kill planking as the bar's backdrop, it's serving AM-awesome, locally sourced comfort food given a Southern twist by their North Carolinian chef, so don't expect Blue Devil'd eggs.B-fast includes everything from cornbread rancheros and biscuits covered in sausage gravy, to egg scrambles with chicken apple sausage/ chevre, to a dish of fried eggs, Anson Mills grits, and head cheese, aka what Louie Anderson insists on using instead of shampoo. For those lunching, there're specialties like Gulf Coast shrimp with grits/ andouille brown gravy and a confited chicken leg with collard greens/ cornbread, plus sammies like an apple/ brie/ white balsamic caramelized onion joint, and a grass-fed Chuck Burger, which can't be named for Norris, as he'd likely prefer a chopped salad.And because every meal is better with booze, there'll be a TBD selection of wine & beer to accompany the all-important mimosas & Bloody Marys, which ought to help lead you to make some of the most overly hyperbolic statements of all time.