España's gourmet ésandwiches

Despite Spain having absolutely zero bread these days, it somehow still manages to inspire great sandwiches, all of which you should enjoy at Bocadillo, a 25-seat sliver where two CIA grads twist Spanish-style 'wiches using artisan baguettes, locally sourced produce, and highest-quality meats.Each glass-topped table is set off with an ode to a different Spanish artist, so viciously fight over the Picasso one, then sit down with the traditional Jamon Serrano/ Manchego/ piquillo pepper "Hambone", or order their new-school take on a Philly cheesesteak with sirloin, caramelized onions, and cheese whiz actually made in house, presumably by a cheese whiz. If you're there in the AM, there's the Spanish Breakfast with homemade chorizo, scrambled eggs, and "drunken" goat cheese, and if you're there in the AM but are obese, there's the Italian mortadella/ salami/ hot sopressata/ provolone "Salvador Deli" -- fitting, as like his melting clock, your fat ass will have seconds.And because not everything should be stuck between two slices, they're also serving some tapas (spring veggie curry, chicken chili), and skewered quick bites (risotto balls, deviled eggs with lardon) called "pinchos", which means "toothpick", and must be widely used in an economy where absolutely no one is flossing.

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