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Italy's Most Vaunted carves up Denver for one night only

Called "the world's most famous butcher" by the Wall Street Journal and "that jolly-looking dude with that scary-looking knife" by Thrillist, Dario Cecchini sort of has a lot going for him. Now, The Mad Butcher of Panzano wants to pay it forward, breaking down and serving -- for your pleasure -- four courses' worth of animal at Panzano (the Italian fine diner... not the same-named town from which The Mad Butcher hails)

The meatstravaganza kicks off in the Hotel Monaco with a meat (ha!) & greet featuring gratis vino from his hometown, and five passed apps like grilled chocolate cranberry wild boar sausage & crostini topped with CO peaches/ speck/ mascarpone. Then, there's a live butcher demo in which Dario'll prepare traditional Tuscan porchetta, as you prepare to eat said porchetta, considerably less gracefully. You'll then want/need to take your seat to scarf meat-strous plates -- each paired with a wine selected by Panzano's chef Elise Wiggins (she helped!!) -- like juicy pork shoulder with speck & smoked mozz, and for dessert, CO cherry jam & dark chocolate crostata aside creme fraiche sorbet

And for those who wanna get even up-close-and-personal-er, an additional 30 bones'll score ringside seats at the Chef's Counter to watch the master at work -- just remember about that knife before asking him annoying questions, lest things get dicey.