Food & Drink

Unlimited tastes of Mile High's top food and booze

Unless you're a supremely efficient plastic surgeon, constructing 12 perfect pairs in a day is tough. Thankfully, 12 of Mile High's finest chefs are up to the task at next Thursday's inaugural Chef & Brew, where they'll each whip up a dish exquisitely paired with a select Colorado brew.To be clear: this is 3.5 hours of unlimited eating and drinking at The Oriental Theater, where you can take down beer samplers (in a complimentary souvenir glass!) aside each chef's app-sized portion of deliciousness, which'll include:

  • "Power Rangers Meatballs" from Row 14, so named because each ingredient is the same as a Power Ranger's color (e.g. rabbit's pink, pork's red), which're paired with a CAUTION: Brewing pale ale made with green tea
  • Beer Cheese Tortelli from Cherry Creek fine diner Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar, which you can wash down with the Boulderite brewpub West Flanders' Belgian style Angry Monk, though expect it to induce you to anything but silence
  • Himalayan Encrusted Lamb Loin Carpaccio -- paired with Breck's Christmas Ale -- from the dinery hangout known for its "beer bistro flair", Ghost Plate & Tap
  • Also be on the lookout for Highland ramen joint Uncle matched up with Hogshead, the seafood experts at Jax Denver bro'ing down with the saison-happy Funkwerks, and Wynkoop's eats with, well, Wynkoop. All in all a lineup you'd have to be a serious boob to pass up on.