Are you ready for some <em>food</em>ball?!

Hedonists and football tailgaters have a lot in common: they're both slaves to pleasure, and both often find zipping up their pants almost impossible. So the Hedonist's Guide to Tailgating -- a genius new addition to EatDenver's week of pop-up dinner parties -- is a really natural fit (again, unlike those pants after a day eating brats in the stadium parking lot)

The dinner's going down before/during the Broncos MNF game against the Chargers (10/15), and employing the talents of seven local chefs to whip up an incredible gameday spread of inventive takes on parking lot food inside the GrowHaus greenhouse. There'll be a ton of fat hands after this party, because there's plenty of finger food, including a triple-cooked crispy CO lamb tongue taco (w/ guajillo honey mayo) from Pinche Taqueria, Jonesy's EatBar's lamb belly meatloaf sliders/ heirloom tomato jam, and a 7-layer dip with Haystack queso/ homemade corn chips whipped up by Vine St Pub. For even more substantial plates, there's fried chicken with cheddar cornbread waffles/ Stranahan's whiskey syrup, a Two Mile Ranch-aged beef meatball/ sheep's milk cheese/ brioche bun from Red Star Deli, and, most amazingly, turducken hot dogs smothered in gravy, stuffing, and cranberry chutney that could've only been invented by Biker Jim's

For dessert, there's shaved ice with syrups & liqueur, plus apple turnovers w/ Breck whiskey-infused caramel. The game's three weeks away, but you should lock up your tickets now, as with this gastronomical line-up, open seats will be dropping like flies.