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The Higgs Boson has nothing on these donuts

While it's well known that Einstein invented the bagel (before starting a successful bagel chain with his brother), no scientist has yet aligned themselves with donuts... until now. Ian Kleinman's Donut Shop Pop-Up is taking over Table 6 every morning for six days, and the mad (food) scientist is beakering out nine insane, eat-in or take-out donuts using molecular gastronomy techniques so crazy, you should probably put on safety goggles just to continue even reading about three of 'em:PB&J: Burnt peanut butter marshmallow is married to 100% vegan grape caviar, which's created by thickening grape jelly with alginate and then adding water/ calcium chloride. The result's a thin-skin jelly ball that bursts with liquid when bitten into, so it's like caviar without the pleasure of eating the contents of a sturgeon's ovaries.Hi-Tech: First, cherries, coriander, vanilla, sugar, ginger, and sea salt sit in a sous vide machine for three days at 180 degrees. Then, Kleinman fries NY-style cheesecake batter on the outside (it stays creamy on the inside), pipes it into the donut alongside the cherry mix, and garnishes the whole thing with "paper" made from tapioca-thickened mint juice.Oink... and Coffee: Kleinman takes brioche dough, fries it, and rolls that shizz in icing. It's then filled with maple pastry cream, and topped with salted chocolate, house-cured spicy bacon, Nutella-bacon powder, and frozen maple syrup. You can then pair it with French press/ pour-over coffee, or go big and down an ultra-potent shot that's got the equivalent of two pots -- aka what you're smoking if you actually think Einstein invented bagels.