High-end coffee & food, no 'tude

counter at Weathervane Cafe

Opened by vets of Stella's and Aviano, the cozy Weathervane pours premium caffeine without the snoot of other high-end coffee shops, and their promise to not walk around with a stirring stick up their ass comes through in the "relaxed and inviting" setting: mid-century couches and thrifted '60-'70s Americana on the walls.Mile High-based Corvus is the sole coffee provider, with their beans from Latin America/ Africa/ Asia flipped into Americanos/ cappuccinos/ lattes/ mochas/ Cortados, along with more sugary options like gingerbread lattes and horchata lattes, or "Horchatattes", if you're a d-bag.Hearty eats include breakfast burritos and Italian turkey sammies with pesto/ salami/ provolone, but they generally run healthier than a Boulder triathlete, with hummus plates, a sesame/ kale coconut salad, and Beet Box's vegan donuts, so go elsewhere if you're looking for a-hole.