Baker gets pies

Stop bragging about your cake for once and hit up the The Humble Pie Store, the nook-ish new home of the farmer's market slice-slinger.The tiny 15-seater has a feel described as "urban country", so don't worry about what the hell that means while enjoying a panoply of delicious, from-scratch pies that range from downright meaty to the sweet classics Grandma used to make, all pairing perfectly with Huckleberry Roasters java and ice cream from Sweet Action, normally reserved for American Pie. Right in time for Winter, hearty options include a beef short rib potpie with prosciutto, a chicken potpie, and a beef stroganoff joint with round steak, plus adorable, pie-wrapped meat balls called "Meat Heads", so stuff 'em in your mouth before they stuff you in a locker. File down that out-of-control sweet tooth with lemon meringue, the CO-proud Western Slope peach, a blackberry apple, or the star of the show: the graham cracker-crusted Farmer Dave's Famous Buttermilk Banana Cream Pie -- eat a lot of it and unlike the farmer, you'll pretty much never plow anything.And if you only want to become only moderately obese, order up a galette, a mini, pizza-like treat with savory or sweet toppings they say will frequently change... though admittedly, bragging about change is better than bragging about dollars.