Jalapeno cheddar donuts, anyone?

Devilishly intent on turning Boulder's health-conscious populace into giant donuts themselves (well, at least making them all glazed and jelly-filled), Dizzy's Donuts is now opening after previously just supplying their wares to shops like Vic's and Ozo Coffee

All laid-back and coffee shop-y, it looks like where the Friends would've hung out if large-sized Matthew Perry was in charge, and churns out the standard 'nuts next to some fancy, bizarre specialties that could only be concocted by a French-trained chef. On any given day, 6-7 flavors of their hand-cut, hand-rolled donuts will always be available, so cop classics, or get crazy with everything from a seasonal fruit turnover (could be blueberry, pear, peach, or something crazy you've never even seen before), to their popular maple bacon square topped with not a tiny piece of swine, but a generous hunk, aka whenever Channing Tatum gives to charity. Other specialties are currently being tested, but expect a meaty, glazed square stuffed with sliced ham, sweet selections like an Arnold Palmer that mixes tea/ lemonade flavors, and a creme brulee'd joint, plus the spicy and bizarre-sounding Jalapeno Cheddar 'nut, made with sauteed peppers and Tabasco

And for purposes of dipping, they'll be pouring java from their old pals at Ozo, completing the circle. Which is appropriate, as that's how all Boulder's residents will soon be shaped.