Bring an appetite, not an EpiPen

The waiters at the Beehive must be really great at the trick where they snatch the tablecloth out from under everything all dramatically, because the restaurant's new, Boulder incarnation is all dressed down and comfy. Eschewing the original's linens and other frills both literal and figurative, the Hive's embraced the more laid-back People's Republic vibe with a bright, clean aesthetic that's a "mix of modern and architectural salvage", like lightbulbs in hanging bell jars, and a bartop that used to be a slate in a CO schoolhouse -- ironic, as the booze resting on it will erase much of what you learned in school. Raise a toast to their selection of Market Toasts (but not with the toast itself... the toppings would fall off) like the Tender Belly bacon with warm tomato jam/ chickpeas/ fried egg; or go even meatier with charcuterie like handmade Creminelli salami or Edwards smoked ham. Despite Beehive not being at all affiliated with the killa beez, there's enough hearty dishes to feed all of Wu-Tang (even Raekwon!), from a fried soft shell crab sammie on an Udi's bun, to meatier fare like a grilled quail "spatchcock" (the bird's sternum and backbone are removed so it can be grilled flat), and a crispy duck confit with cherries & pickled red onions. To wash it all down, they'll serve 10 bottled beers, as well as a carefully selected list of biodynamic wine from small vineyards, more than enough to make it feel like someone snatched the ground out from under you.