Upscale tacos, up a Hill

A brightly decorated, modern 70-seater on The Hill, Zanitas is serving tacos deliciously addicting enough to ensure you're never able to walk up one again. Planning to do for Mexican what "Pei Wei did for Chinese", their Mexi-menu's ordered at the counter then brought to your table, and it's imaginative enough to separate them from other similar joints, having been dreamed up by one of only 62 American Culinary Federation-certified "Master Chefs" in the nation

Nine tacos are the main attraction, with selections ranging from the chile-buttermilk ranch "Shrimpy Rascal", to the marinated skirt/sauteed peppers "Jimmy James Steak", to one stuffed with smoked sausage, mac & cheese, and fried pickle, and dubbed "The Happy Taco", so apparently they're also trying to do for Mexican what all Chinese restaurants do for Chinese. If tacos aren't your thing, stop reading this email, close your eyes, and reevaluate everything there're red chile wood-roasted pork enchilada plates, burritos served either "clean" (no sauce) or "dirty" (topped by green/ red chile), and a wood-roasted chicken quesadilla with goat cheese, spinach, and kinda-spicy chipotle ranch

Being on The Hill, they know better than to skimp on the booze, and're serving 12 mostly Mexican bottles 'n cans, freshly made margs, and homemade sangria good enough to ensure that regardless of incline, you'll have a tough time walking anywhere.