Prime-time recipes for game time

Trying to cook food for a crowd at a Super Bowl party can be a lot like the Broncos' season: the pot gets stirred, things start cookin', but eventually the lack of a truly penetrating defensive lineman allows opposing quarterbacks too much time in the pocket, and then Gronkowski spikes your whole casserole dish on the floor.

To help things, we've rounded up idiot-proof Super Bowl recipes from a Top Chef winner, a mad scientist chef, and a bar-food master. Enjoy:

Hosea's Scooby SnacksChef Hosea Rosenberg, Blackbelly Catering This “addictive”, bite-sized mouth-candy features fried, thin-cut bacon wrapped around a date that's been stuffed with an almond, aka what happens when you take Kate Moss out to a nice dinner.

If Shaggy and the gang are coming over, better double the serving size

"Nachos"Chef Ian Kleinman, The Inventing Room The liquid-nitrogen-happy chef's whipped up a recipe for the most unconventional nachos ever, topping them with chipotle-lime smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, and watermelon Pop Rocks, which provide an “unexpected note”, so Steven Tyler must've eaten a bunch of them before singing the national anthem.

Don't drink soda while reading the recipe, here

303 Queso DipChef Hector Segura, Cedar Creek Pub A Jack-cheesy dish that's a tad spicy from the mixed-in jalapenos and onions, it should be served with crackers/ bread/ tortilla chips, and can be topped with Tabasco for an “extra kick”, something Billy Cundiff wishes for every day.

Dip it up after following these simple step-by-step instructions