Your leftovers + CIA-trained chef = fine dining

Published On 07/15/2011 Published On 07/15/2011

It takes true masters to make something out of nothing, like MacGyver, which got seven profitable seasons out of duct-taping Richard Dean Anderson to flimsy scripts. Turning your kitchen detritus into culinary masterpieces: Stranger than Kitchen.

The brainchild of a Culinary Institute of America grad who co-owned a resto at the ripe age of 23, STK was born out of the Boulderite's natural tendency to raid friends' fridges, and is just now launching as a full-fledged business that'll prepare you an unplanned gourmet dinner (for up to 12) based wholly on what you have sitting around, so prepare to find Netflix's Season Five DVD of Sex in the City even more succulent. Just ensure your place has enough basic food items to feed the party, and the pantry-raid is on: she'll put herself on a 2hr clock to whip up a meal pulling from French, Southwestern, or Asian influences, all done using just her set of knives and whatever kitchen appliances you happen to yeah, that Season Five DVD could probably work as a strainer or something? Pizza cutter? Previous meals have included everything from a blue cornmeal-crusted tofu made from a “leftover, stale” bag of tortilla chips, to a porcini-encrusted lamb chop in a mushroom forager's home, to a tortilla-sauced chicken involving the resuscitation of “ancient, freezer-burned chicken”, to a sauteed Creole chicken topped with a balsamic sauce made from Boursin cheese left over “from a cocktail party”, which makes sense, as any party themed around a Tom Cruise movie probably would have excess cheese. Even though she's in Boulder, she'll hit up apartments and homes in Denver too, and is charging just $25 per guest, meaning you've finally found a novel, duct tape-less solution for convincing people to stick around your house.

Photos by Preston Sowell



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