Bigger, better, and bar...ier?

Cutting out a ton of food rarely goes hand-in-hand with doubling in size, but such is the case at Royal Oak's Cafe Muse, where they've expanded into the space next door & beautified everything while cleaning out their whole menu (save two favorites) to make room for all-new deliciousness. Get over there and take in:The Digs: After a neighboring shoe shop got the boot (how sole-less!), they knocked down the wall, and sexed up a secondary seating area with reclaimed walnut tables, and -- finally -- a fully dedicated bar made out of Italian granite, whose smooth elegance you totally won't notice as you lean against it, pondering a brand-new selection of......The Liquid: Signatures include everything from aperitifs & lighter cocktails (e.g., the rye/ginger syrup/baked apple puree "Enchanted Apple"), to the more Viggo-ninan "Eastern Promises" (rye vodka, black tea syrup, Asian pear), which'll lead to you waking up naked! (... though unfortunately, only because you're knife-fighting in a sauna). Oh, and there's also wine, and beers from Jolly Pumpkin (even their old stuff).The Food: New dishes nail every need, whether you're after shareable stuff (pretzel-crusted pulled pork ravioli, duck prosciutto/pecorino gnocchi...) or mains including pepper-crusted ahi tuna, and duck breast served with bacon-braised Swiss chard -- pig out, and enjoy going hand-in-hand with no one.