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Go Greek in Royal Oak

The only time "going Greek" should mean "sinful partying" is in college. And after college during blurry nights at Bouzouki. But besides those times, going Greek should be about European gastronomic authenticity, which is why you should put your dollar bills away and check out KouZina immediately.After a minimalist makeover of the old Zumba space (sleek stainless steel offset by the wooden-barred window seating), the duo behind KouZina (the kuo?) talked one of their own fathers out of retirement after 40+ years in both Greek & Greektown kitchens. He's since de-arthritis'd his hands and is ready to make you Greek street food from scratch, including hand-cut fries with feta, chicken lemon rice soup, and gyros wrapped in homemade pita & piled with traditionals (tomato, red onion, tzatziki or zesty feta sauce) and a choice of chicken, pork, or the original spit-broiled lamb/beef combo.Expect specials to rotate weekly (everything from grape leaves to an eggplant lasagna meat bomb called moussaka), and -- even though this is a classy establishment -- the kitchen's open until 4a on weekends, meaning again: you don't have to go to Bouzouki for a great late-night spread.