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Detroit's surplus of abandoned houses has given some Detroitians a reason to drink, and some Detroitians tons of extra wood to build places for them to drink in! Introducing Great Lakes Coffee, Midtown's newest mixed-purpose mecca, which molds tons of locally sourced building materials into a Euro-ish cafe (...except that it's actually solvent) with offerings for:Morning: For now, single origin Ethiopian & Kenyan beans anchor the usual buzz-spects (drip, pour-over, espresso, lattes, etc), and there's also a tap of cold brewed coffee to wash down baked goods from Ferndale's Pinwheel Bakery.Noon: Small dishes dominate with toast 'n toppings like the squid in ink, tuna bonita with preserved lemon, and octopus in galician sauce, plus there's a hearty meat plate with bresaola, salume, prosciutto, chorizo, and speck, aka what you'll appear as from deep space if you eat this entire meat plate.Night: They've remedied the 6p "I sort of need caffeine, but definitely need beer" dilemma with the "50/50": half Short's IPA & half cold brew. For the 100 percenters, though, there're taps of Jolly Pumpkin's Bam Noire, Reissdorf Kolsch, Bell's Lager of the Lakes, and more, as well as cocktails like the Bulleit rye/Fernet Branca/ bitters "Toronto" (garnished with a flamed orange), and the coffee-infused Blackstrap rum/housemade Falernum/maraschino liqueur/grapefruit/bitters "Eye Patch", buying two of which, by the way, is also another way to avoid being frustrated by the abandoned houses you'd otherwise see everywhere.