Enough eats to make sure you're never a Greek god

Hit Santorino Estiatorio, and save Greektown from being completely overtaken by Five Guys, three of whom aren't even Greek

The family-owned spot's a seafaring makeover of the Mosaic space, which now looks like the deck of a (very Greek) mega yacht: polished wood floors, Aegean-blue accents, even a locally constructed boat hull near the bar. The lunch and dinner menus sail both familiar waters (phyllo-wrapped feta Saganaki, a massive 28oz bone-in ribeye cowboy) and deliciously uncharted territories, with mouthfuls like the "astakomakaronatha" (tomato cream sauce-tossed spaghetti with butter poached lobster) and "arni kleftiko" (translation: bandit-style lamb), plus oven-baked lamb & veggies served in a parchment purse you'll be unable to run off with after eating any of this

Grecian guzzlers include the "Mythos Muddler" (basil & lemon with Skinos Mastiha, a pine-tasting liqueur made from Greek tree resin), a Santorini Old Fashioned with Woodford Reserve, dried figs & walnut bitters, and the ouzo & Ketel One "Greek Tycoon" -- unlike those Five Guys, he's got more than peanuts

Photos by Angela Wisniewski