Food & Drink

Cuts of meat, none of corners

Next door to sister restaurant Morels, Detroit Prime's a "meathouse" that looks like what someone who'd been in Farmington Hills for half a century thinks of the city: imagine the It's a Small World ride of 1940s Detroit, with landmarks compacted and rep'd by a faux scoreboard & ticketing booth for Tiger Stadium, glass & foliage for Eastern Market, and murals for Hitsville, USA.They're eschewing standard steakhouse choices to get you chewing on purportedly tastier cuts like a charred flat iron with Dijon mustard & caramelized onions, and a bistro chuck filet, which's tough neck cut & slow cooked in its own juices until tender, aka how you'll feel towards anyone who orders it for you. For traditionalists, they'll also have the standard filet and porterhouse, as well as a behemoth signature burger made from 100% ground brisket aged in a pink Himalayan salt-walled room in Eastern Market's Fairway Packing Co., topped with choices like house-pickled jalapenos, bacon & fried egg, and served on a Milano Bakery pretzel roll, so do get it twisted, son!Because enormous pretzel burgers can make you thirsty, there're local taps (Atwater's Lager, Founders Red's Rye PA, Frankenmuth American Blonde), and awesomely, a tub behind the bar full of original bottles of Stroh's and Faygo, so just sit down and remember to keep your hands inside the ri... well, to yourself.