Serious cuisine, defined

Webster defines Gastronomy as "the art or science of good eating", but you'll define it as a sick new American bistro where the food's so good, everyone will be too busy stuffing themselves to debate boring things like the definition of gastronomy

The dining room sort of feels like where the aliens from Avatar would take business dinners (lush greens, dark wood tones, garden views...), while dishes from the "true scratch kitchen" are teased via framed shots up on the walls, so pointing and staring isn't rude... it's ordering! A glance down at the actual menu will reveal lunch like spicy-sauced lump crab cake po' boys, and the American Lunch Box: a five-portioned plate with your choice of main (half sandwiches like the BBQ brisket, BLT & turkey/corned beef Baker Tilly), salad, soup (Great Lakes walleye chowder, American miso), side (maple-dusted sweet potato chips, naan & hummus) & a rotating dessert. Dinner gets going with 'murrican staples like a red wine-sauced New York strip, bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin with veggies & apples, and a BBQ beef brisket with Southern grits, also a Coen Brothers movie where a law man tracks down a little girl's breakfast

Every six weeks or so, they'll also try their hand at new, non-'murrican cooking styles, starting with those of southeast Asia, like an Indonesian shrimp & chicken fried rice called "nasi goreng", which, thankfully, everyone's mouths will be too stuffed with to mispronounce.