The Point gets late-night weekend Mexican and meat-wiches

Your weight surely won't be going downward at Spiral, the cavey Thurs-Sun-only dive serving both hulking burgers and Mexican alike to guests either sitting on the patio built around a brick pit-planted palm, or on zebra-cloth chairs near stained-glass windows that're slightly crooked, and clearly think Creflo Dollar's a great guy

1/2lb beef burgers mostly rep US states, such as the Maryland w/ Old Bay-seasoned shrimp, the chili/ onion North Carolina, and the black olives, jalapeños, and crumbled feta-topped Madrid, which is presumably named after the Census-Designated Place in New Mexico... population 149, represent!! Or, some city in Spain. The aforementioned Mexican-ness includes quesadillas like the smoked chicken/ shrimp Texas and thick Beef Bomb burritos, though you can quickly swing back to patriotism via American bar fare ranging from spicy fried catfish w/ tots, to wings in flavors like honey garlic and hot teriyaki -- and yes, weaving it into one's hair would make any Housewife look Desperate

$5 4p-7p Thurs & Fri specials include those wings, margs, and pitchers of drafts including Guinness, Yuengling, and Fat Tire, which has clearly been eating the burgers at this place, too.