Sushi and burgers in Amagansett

Diverse teams often benefit from the ranging talents of their members, so nobody should really be surprised that the '50s-era Red Sox totally sucked. Bringing in two chefs to pincer-move your taste buds, Banzai Burger.

Welcoming in the crowds with casually beach-y touches like surfboards, outdoor patios, a ping pong table, and waitresses in sunny gold Cynthia Rowley dresses (ooooOOOOooooh!), shoes-optional Banzai's cultivated an East-meets-East-End vibe by bringing in both a Manhattan sushi chef to handle the raw, and a hot-stuff-helming 2003 James Beard nominee who also happens to be the lead singer & guitarist for Alan Hughes & the Peruvian Hookers, so you know they know their meat. The Banzai portion of the menu produces traditional sushi offerings, but most interesting are specials incorporating whatever the sushi chef happened to pole-catch that morning, from fluke, to black sea bass (also a character from Dumb & Dumber 2 played by Kyle Okposo). The Peruvian Hooker, meanwhile, will be cooking up apps of PEI mussels, corn crab cakes, and house gravlax, plus burgers ranging from the Classic (w/ Mecox Bay Dairy farmhouse cheddar and applewood bacon), to a foie-/Mecox Sigit-topped joint w/ truffle fries, to the on-a-baguette-with-tomato-confit-frisée-and-tapenade Mako Shark Burger (eat one and expect Roy Scheider to suggest you're gonna need a bigger...pair of pants, cause you're all fat).

Should you simply want to get off the beach and grab a drink, booze includes local vinos, a selection of sake, and brews from can to draft, plus a nine-piece cocktail menu with caipirinhas, mojitos, spicy margs, and Singapore Slings -- delicious, but their kind would never make it onto the Sox if Tom Yawkey were still in charge. Photos by Kathleen Doran