Food & Drink

11 gourmet patties and an open bar

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... an event that'll make you no longer fit on a plane: Montauk SUPERBURGER!! Tickets for next Saturday's battle royale (with cheese) are now on sale, and this year, the feast formerly known as the Hamptons Burger Bloodbath will feature 11 chefs (behind the likes of Fatty Crab, PJ Clarke's, and MYC) competing for glory/your pleasure by grilling burgs using only locally available or homemade ingredients.How awesome are these burgers, you ask? Well, umm, they're moderately awesome: highlights of the 11 (a ticket gets you half of each, by the way) include the Fedora Burger with pickled cucumbers and BBQ mayo, and Empellon's La Hamburguesa, whose short rib chorizo patty gets loaded with refried beans and Chihuahua cheese (though given the rule on local ingredients, it's probably safest to lock your tiny dogs up inside the house until the competition is over...).Also included in your ticket are some warm-up burgers (seriously. They're from The Burger Joint), sweets like Momofuku Milk Bar's Grasshopper Pie (w/ basil mint foam), and an open bar with Amstel on tap, plus 'tails like the vodka/St. Germain/ lime/ ginger beer "Super Fancy", so make sure to raise your now-girthy, sausage link of a pinky while sipping it.