Ultra-fresh, sibling-slung eats

Brother-sister combos are usually a good idea: you understand each other intimately, you can be honest and upfront, and, by collaborating, you can become rich writing pop hits like "MMMBop" and -- wait, what's that? Crap... does anyone want a poster that's definitely no longer sexy? For an actual brother-sister combo that'll fill you with something other than weird guilt, check out Lexington Social House.

Finally soft-open to the public now after months and months of private events, LSH's a Victorian-interior'd farm-to-table eatery (featuring monster suede chairs and a patio outfitted with a fireplace), all from a former real-estate guy and his sis who's a doctor, so most likely, she's the one who runs the front of the House. Ultra-fresh sustenance is courtesy of a former Cut/Spago guy and includes confit pork belly w/ cabbage & apple salad and orange & cardamom gastrique; lamb Bolognese w/ aged goat cheese; and a fennel and apple compote-topped roasted pork rack (so go ahead and stare, pig). They've got specialty cocktails like the White Dog/ simple syrup/ blackberry "Hit Man", the rye/ snap liquor/ molasses/ chocolate chili bitters "Villain", and the peanut-infused rum/ curacao/ lime "Whiz Kid" -- consume too many and you're destined to become a cannibal.

In addition, LSH's planning on opening up part of the room for a DJ'd dance floor two nights a week, though This Time Around it's probably better if you didn't ask Jordan to dance.