Indie book/music shop morphs into Spanish tapas bar

In an age when fewer and fewer people are reading, book stores have long tried to find new ways to lure -- wait, don't leave! We've got tasteful pictures of naked chicks!! Taking it a notch further than provocative art books by adding an entire tapas/wine bar, Tres Gatos, opening tonight.

Shuttered since last summer for a complete overhaul, the owners of JP's Rhythm & Muse have recast their popular neighborhood indie book & music shop into a trendy Spanish-style tapas/wine bar with a book & music shop, set in three rooms, including a front "living room" space replete w/ faux fireplace and a bar built from repurposed wooden doors; a festive middle room with an eight-seat blue communal table; and a back room with several walls of bookshelves and tons of vinyl, also what the wardrobe director insisted they'd need when they cast Kirstie Alley in Barb Wire 2. Tasty shareables include salt cod fritters in a local JP honey aioli; Albondigas (lamb balls w/ smoked tomatoes); Florida prawns with toasted garlic/pinenut picada; and a meat/cheese plate that includes a Mallorcan soft-cured sausage, which Mrs. Mallorcan can't be too psyched about. There're also a handful of full plates like grilled pork belly w/ cider-braised endive and Pink Lady apples; Vermont quail w/ candied oranges and picholine olives; and roasted cannelloni rolled w/ crispy black trumpets and topped w/ a Pedro Jimenez reduction, but not a Pedro Martinez reduction, 'cause no one likes that Little Grady Gravy.

Because reading Baby Sitter's Club 1: Kristy's Big Idea always makes you thirsty, TG pours a hefty lineup of sangria, traditional/modern Spanish vinos, and choice microbrews like North Coast's Scrimshaw, and an IPA from Green Flash, not to be confused with the red one that, for years, drew kids to bookstores before they started ditching out with Super Speed.