Burgers, fries, shakes, and A LOT of calories

With a Ghostbusters-esque ambulance sitting out front announcing its presence, Heart Attack Grill has made the migration from its original home in Dallas all the way to Las Vegas, bringing with it busty waitresses dressed as nurses, and food so gut-busting you will soon be busty as well. The menu's as simple as it is deadly:

Meat: Half-pound beef patties arrive on lard-buttered buns up to four at a time, the latter of which, known as the Quadruple Bypass, has its 8000 calories rounded out by eight slices of cheese, an entire tomato, half an onion, and, upon its demise, an honest-to-goodness free wheelchair ride to your car, giving you ample time to wonder "where'd that tomato come from??"

Non-Meat: Flatliner Fries are enthusiastically cooked in pure lard, shakes boast the "world's highest butterfat content!", and the Coke is of the pure-sugar variety, all of which can be polished off with a pack of Lucky Strike no-filter cigs, making your imminent death the first guaranteed bet in the history of Vegas

Bonus!: Anyone weighing in at over 350lbs eats for free, the thought presumably being that you have enough bust that your bank account needn't.