Come hungry, and leave your girl at home

Having loaded it up with news clips, personal artifacts, photos, and other memorabilia from his 12yr stint in office, former mayor Oscar Goodman is humbly calling his new eponymous restaurant the "happiest steakhouse in the universe", and says "when you're here, you're family", which is kind of disconcerting considering it's coming from a dude who provided legal council to virtually every Vegas mobster, and will now have to defend himself from the legal council of Olive Garden. Prepared by LV's 2011 Chef of the Year, the aged Beef's fired on a 600-degree grill, and can be topped "Oscar"-style w/ lump crab, asparagus & Bearnaise, while whimsically named Booze options include the gin/R&M apricot/Aperol "Red-Light District", and the whiskey & Canton "No-Bama", perfect for those looking to get Ba-rocked. However, the real draws're the Broads who'll gladly join your dinner party to chat "politics, sports, wine, Las Vegas history", and why your girlfriend looks so super pissed right now. So you'll have something to talk about off the bat, here're a choice few highlights from their bios

Antoinette: This "Nordic the go-to person" for everything from "the best nightclubs" to "the golf course", so hey, your conversation is teed up for you

Kristina: Born and raised in Vegas, she "won't hesitate to throw on some sneakers and challenge you at your favorite sport", which is exactly how you're going to beat her at competitive sliding-on-a-wood-floor-in-socks

Bunny: Her name is f*#%ing Bunny

Nikki: While her "military family has kept her tough", this broad also "loves staying fit...and charity", which explains why she's making you the happiest man in the universe by talking to you.