Food & Drink

Sauced-up burgers and fries

American Burger Works: not a Sex and the City spinoff in which a washed-up Ron Livingston moves to a small Southern town and has his sardonic New York attitude eroded by down-home community values, ABW's a redder-than-rare-meat industrial cafeteria loaded with exposed piping, steel-topped tables, and chandeliers made from mechanical gears and vintage filament bulbs.1/2lb cheesers are formed from hormone-free cow (or turkey/veggies, but whatever) and get the standard treatment of lettuce, tomato, pickles & onions, but can also be smothered in any of 15 house sauces that come with the twice-fried Belgian frites, from black olive mayo, to ancho chili sauce, to boozy Jack Daniels ketchup, though when chicks bring it home, it self-defeatingly insists "No condoments".Wash down your burger with a Shiner Bock, PBR, or draft of Lynyrd Skynyrd Lager (from the next-door resto Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer) before polishing off a fountain shake, malt, or float topped w/ anything from Oreo to bananas, which everyone is for Oreo, so suck it, bananas.And come 7a each morn, you can pick up buttermilk pancakes, 'peno & cheese sausage biscuits, and fried egg breakfast burgers, necessary fortification for anyone just coming home from having sex in the city.