Food from across the pond

Proving that culinary Englishes can have more than just frighteningly abusive ex-fiances and impressively large heads, the no-relation English's plates its "quintessentially British" food in a sleek modern space where a giant, see-through wine wall up front introduces the intimate dining area's white-backed leather chairs, marble-topped bar, and patio overlooking the bustling foot traffic, which is constantly on the, go ninja, go!Snaggle your teeth with Crusty Bite Sizers (cheddar, tomato, ham & quail eggs on toast), and zucchini- and 'shroom-studded Covent Garden Quiche, before moving on to sandwiches like a Shrimpers Sarny w/ Marie Rose, a blend of mayo & ketchup also known as "chode sauce", proving that flavor isn't the only thing that's improved when it comes to Brit food.The requisite beer-battered cod comes with hand-cut chips and minted peas, sausages are delivered as either bangers & mash or deep-fried battered cumberlands, and traditional pies include a beef & veggie Cornish pasty, also how to describe everyone in Cornwall after they eat tons of beef & veggies.The bar of course flows with Carlsberg, Newcastle's Werewolf Blood Red Ale, and Strongbow Cider (not to mention bottles of Murphy's, Hobgoblin, Tetley's, etc.), and the hard stuff ranges from a "pick your Collins" program, to hard tea, but not "Hard T", the nickname deservedly given to Todd for putting up with his ex-fiance.