Food & Drink

Grilled cheese sliders & paperbag beers inside the Hard Rock

Somehow not named after that hobo who makes croque monsieurs down by the train tracks, Culinary Dropout's a badass booze-taurant just opened inside the Hard Rock with a tattoo-sleeved, uniform-free staff that'll service 3000sqft of glam rock interior (concrete pillars, wall antlers, worn-green-leather sofa banquettes...), and 3000-more-sqft of pool-overlooking, fire-pit-equipped patio.Food comes from a Tommy Keller disciple and includes fare from a Carrera marble-topped raw bar (oysters, mussels, shrimp, crab legs), soft pretzels with provolone fondue, grilled cheese sliders, a Korean-style ribeye cap, and 36hr pork ribs marinated in molasses, or what Colin Farrell demands for any and all group sex scenes.Two-thirds of the menu's actually alcohol, and two-thirds of the alcohol's actually beer, with 10 20oz drafts (Blue Paddle Pilsner, Big Sky Moose Drool), eight rotating craft seasonals, six fruit-forward ales (Triple Karmeliet, Pinkus Hefe), five 24oz bottles (Mickey's, Bud Heavy), and 17 cans that include everything from Wittekerke White and Boddingtons, to the mysterious $2.95 Paperbag Special, or what that hobo by the train tracks is likely drinking while he puts Beluga caviar-stuffed quail eggs on brioche.