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Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

Only the world's most talented acts get to bring their skills to Vegas, like Celine Dion, or David Copperfield, who's clearly using his black magic to convince America Celine Dion has talent. Bringing their food talents to Vegas: Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill.Transplanting their highly touted raw fish concept to the heart of Sin City, the Bromberg Bros' first non-NY effort eschews over-the-top Vegas opulence in favor of more traditional digs, creating myriad victual vestibules via slatted floor-to-ceiling wooden screens, and housing their vast selection of sea former life behind a large horseshoe bar, though ironically look to the other for your (eq)wine. Sushi's broken down by ocean, with Atlantic fluke fin, freshwater eel, and blue fin tuna next to Pacific arctic char, Japanese red snapper, and jellyfish; both sides are liberally repped in special maki like the Kaki Fri (fried oysters & lettuce), the 1/2lb lobster'd Blue Ribbon, and the Niji, described as a "seven color rainbow", so make sure before you order it that you're a Hungry Bear. There's also plenty of land fare on hand, from wasabi & honey tempura-fried chicken, to platters of Kurobuta pork ribs, to beef marrow bones with shaved bonito, to a surf & turf with a 24oz Wagyu rib steak and a 3lb miso lobster, also a cat call specifically designed to entice G.I.'s, aka, Gourmet Infantry.Because drinking is the coolest, there's a hefty selection of sakes, shochus, and brews, plus cocktails like the Canton/ Goslings/ ginger/ bitters Ginger Storm, which you'll need plenty of if your next stop is Carrot Top's same-named Vegas show.