Food & Drink

Steak, cocktails, and ice-cream -- at cost price

Borough Market's great, if what you're after is a nice, big, juicy German tourist, but if you'd like to replace Dieter with "steak", you'd best check out neighboring Maltby Street, which is holding an "irregular" monthly series of mid-day feasts at cost price, in venues to be filled with reclaimed furnishings "like church seats", now to be occupied by the pie-ous. The debut event's on the 21st, and'll see the Cornish Food Club passing on pasties and instead serving up the same ribeyes supplied to "14th best restaurant in the world" The Ledbury, all cooked by Pitt Cue frontman Neil Rankin. Aiding that will be spiced-to-match Marys courtesy of small-batch London distillers Sparrow Gin, plus inventive ice-cream by fellow marketeers Sorbitum, whose range of flavours counts fig leaf honey, and so will cover just about everything. Because they're trying to keep things "as simple and cheap as possible", they're even asking people to b.y.o. plates & cutlery (you needed to fill that briefcase with something, anyway), with a mystery prize for the best crockery. Future events will include a chilli cook-off -- so even if you're not a churchgoer, you'll hear the angels singing soon enough.