Food & Drink

A London-based social network -- for food

While most social networks cater to users who socialize by sending each other pictures of food, the bright sparks behind Dinmill have created one that'll actually put likeminded people together to eat it, an idea spawned from the Capital's supperclub scene

Just create a super-simple profile, punch in your interests (wine, video games, music festivals, etc.), and it'll auto-create a network of similar folk. Then, when you're deciding on one of the events the network's organized, it'll tell you how these interests overlap with the diners already attending, "so, if you're into industrial heavy metal and ornithology, you'll be recommended meals with other headbangers and bird-watchers" -- where you'll engage in a delightful conversation about which species Ozzy prefers

The very first dinner's a charitable four-courser in Fitzrovia -- courtesy of the chef behind God Save the Clam -- that will include the likes of wild game & malt scotch eggs w/ hawthorn ketchup, and Dexter tail & oyster pudding paired w/ oyster stout -- the lack of beer being the main reason online socializing isn't socializing.