Food & Drink

The name is the menu

Launching tomorrow, Flat Iron is a six-week "steak and cocktail project" presenting just a single cut of beef on the menu, a brazen move they're pulling off in the Owl & Pussycat's upstairs dining room, now stripped-down to bare brickwork & wooden furnishings, with a meat cleaver on every place setting -- obviously for the braining of anyone who tries to take your steak

With the exception of sides (beef-dripping popcorn, roasted aubergine, triple-cooked chips...), your dinner comes exclusively from the "little-known and under-appreciated cut" at the cow's shoulder, which aside from its important task of reaffirming the shape of every iron ever made, is also a tender, well-marbled, "deeply flavorsome", and affordable piece of beef.

Hooch will come courtesy of the London Cocktail Club, and'll include a build-your-own Bloody Mary (from smoked vodka, beef stock, rosemary salt & grated horseradish root), a smoked thyme bramble, and a mint julep mixing orange & rosemary cordial w/ Welsh whisky, the very stuff that made Richard Burton irresistible to Elizabeth Taylor not once, but twice

You'll also find crafts from London Fields, carafes of wine, and fresh coffee from next-door roasters Allpress -- caffeinated enough to revive a man slowed by anything short of a meat cleaver.