The best way to go

Introducing the best possible argument to bring back capital punishment: Death By Burrito, a Mexican grill & cocktail spot opening this Wednesday inside Shoreditch's musically inclined dive Catch Bar, and run by the folks behind Rebel Dining Society

The huge, mortality-nudging burritos are stuffed with braised pork belly, grilled duck, or smoked beef short ribs, while those not ready to shuffle off this mortal coil can go for Baja fish tacos, lobster ceviche, or octopus & poblano pepper crepes. All's served with a roughly chopped assemblage of avo, pickled red onion, chillis and herbs they (and a city full of BA students) are calling "Deconstructed Guacamole"

The drinks program's helmed by a former Worship Street man, who's bringing his experimental lilt to tequila numbers like the Pink Paloma, whose raspberries & Aperol are charged with homemade "vanilla salted grapefruit soda"; the Turbo-Chelada with lager, cucumber, lime, and "thyme salt air"; and the spiced horchata, cinnamon, cardamom & smoke You Da Ho-chata -- which sounds like an insult, but it's nothing to get hung up about.

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