Food & Drink

This baker's dozen will fill your belly

Celebrating the end of hyper-driven, athletic freaks' reign o'er London, the Burnt Enz & Homeslice Pizza Party is explicitly "not a competition", but instead a throwdown this Saturday hosted by an East London coffee roastery, events caterers Burnt Enz, and 'za-slinging food truck Homeslice -- a triathlon of over-consumption in which everybody wins, including your GP. Kicking off at noon, the day will see three wood-fired ovens roaring simultaneously, as nine dough-magicians (Well Kneaded, Van Dough, Lardo, and... hold on, counting... six more!) each take turns putting out their best for 90 minutes at a time. This will be followed by the evening's “Expression Session”, which far from being the class Kristen Stewart so desperately needs, will actually see a trio of vaunted chefs (from fine-diner Roganic, udon den Koya, and burger shop Lucky Chip) with little-to-no pizza experience give discs their own twists.Festivities will be paced by neighborhood DJs and a local bar stocked with cocktails like espresso martinis made with fresh-roasted beans, and crafts from next-door London Fields, which will now see people stumbling through them instead of sprinting.