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Wine maestros in Clerkenwell

Letting a particularly beloved aspect of your business run its own show can be good common sense, though as Joey, Joey's producers, Joey's writers, and Joey's viewer quickly learned, sometimes it is not. Bringing you the hotel restaurant without the hotel: Bistro Du Vin, now open in Clerkenwell

The first stand-alone resto from grape-worshiping sleep specialists The Hotel Du Vin, BDV serves up bed-free bistro feed from a pleasantly rustic space boasting a huge pewter-topped bar and and windows letting you take a butchers at men pounding meat shipped daily from Smithfield.

Food's all sourced from within 30mi, from the crispy lamb sweetbreads w/ charcuterie sauce (bacon & white wine) to raw-bar openers like Fin De Clair oysters and salmon that's been London-smoked (so, outside then). Meanwhile an open charcoal grill sears 600g porterhouses/bone-in-sirloins, as well as burgers, 35-day rumps, and "hot roasted shells" (a feast of lobster, crayfish, razor clams, oysters, crab claws & mussels); non-grillers include marinated black bream, lamb rump w/puy vinaigrette, and Goosnargh Chicken Supreme, kind of like West Ham claiming to make the very best rabbit.

Of course, wine's also somewhat involved, with an open cellar stocking 200+ bottles of Southern France's finest organics (including Chardonnays and Merlots blended specifically for bistro cuisine), plus a swipe-card enomatic dispenser, because it's just common sense to try a Le Blanc before you invest in it.