Food & Drink

Devour like there's no tomorrow

Centuries ago, the Mayans predicted a series of terrible disaster movies, whose scripts some people are treating like real predictions. Hence The Last Supperclub: a Platterform popup feast series in a Shoreditch "ark" filled with artworks "inspired by the legacy of mankind", and offering a new themed menu for each of the three weeks from Dec 6th through to midnight on the 21st, the precise moment that the cleaning staff will feel most ambivalent about what happens next. Week 1: The Salvation MenuThis biblical opener will see "historic Middle Eastern cuisine reworked for the last time", such as the walnut & pomegranate-hastened "Duckocalypse", slow-braised Lamb of God, and the marinaded sardine/ date chutney/ flat bread "5 Loaves and 2 Fish", shareable w/ up to 4,999 buddies.Week 2: The Mayan Prophets FeastDespite not seeing the Spanish coming, these prophets were apparently fed pretty well, taking in tequila-flambéed tiger prawns in grapefruit, blackened stuffed turkey, and Eternal Sacrifices (a spiced chocolate volcano fondant w/ pumpkin lava sauce) whilst drinking the multi-rum & hibiscus Baktun Punch. Week 3: The Doom's Day DinerStart with the "smoked to death" Prawnicide, move on to a Bacon A-Bomb (minced pork wrapped in bacon weave), then end it all with a Chicken of Mass Destruction with a "bourbon & Coke can in-the-butt". Drink to your own demise with cocktails like the Goodbye Manhattan -- though if she can survive a hurricane, surely she can survive John Cusack?