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Beef and pork make nice in Shoreditch

The meaty diner has gone permanent in a wood-floored, white-tiled spot whose menu neatly divides between cow & pig. The former plays out in everything from Kentucky-rye-soaked tartare to pulled featherblade with peppercorn Hollandaise, while their carefully selected oinkers produce smoked pork belly and full racks of bourbon ribs, possibly a reference to what Adam drank to enable him to sleep through God yanking one out of his torso. On that note: backed by a 50-strong whiskey list, the "World's Best Cocktail Menu"-winning Calloh Callay team rustles up the likes of the rye & beer reduction Rocket Fuel, a Mary infused with smoked pork jus, and the rum-laden Tail Feather, shaken (of course) with thyme liqueur