Food & Drink

Two restos, a bar, a wine shop, and a partridge when it's in season

The greatest foursome since Ian Woosnam convinced three women that the "Wee Welshman" only applied to his height, The Old Bengal Warehouse holds two restos, a bar, and a wine shop in a vast space originally used by the East India Company to store spices fresh from the Orient. The complex officially launches Monday, and here's what you can expect..

The New Street Grill: This elegant, low-lit diner slings a meat-laden menu, with nine Josper-grilled cow-cuts ranging from on-bone sirloins all the way up to 900g porterhouses. Seated in a black leather booth, you'll also take down seasonal game, devilled chicken, and a Black Angus burger topped w/ a Bantam hen egg that'll push you into the heavyweight ranks

The Fish Market: This open, airy space channels the coast with low-hung nautical lamps flitting off white walls, a raw bar, and prepared dishes including lobster cocktail, smoked duck w/ celeriac, and salmon w/ salmon caviar, hopefully not from the same salmon, because wouldn't that be awkward

The Old Bengal Bar: Surrounded by age-blackened exposed brickwork, this laid-back drinker's serving 'tails like the Scotch, pear chunks & lychee liqueur Great Pair (though aren't they all after a few drinks?), and the Bengal Spice, made with cinnamon- & clove-infused vodka in a nod to the crates that used to fill this place

The Wine Shop: Boasting over 600 bottles in its floor-to-ceiling shelves -- and a lovely cheese counter -- the Shop also features a wall of Enomatic machines for by-the-glass tasting, sure to leave you Woos-y enough to proposition everyone in sight.