Have breakfast in a cloud

Literally placing the figurative cherry on top of the metaphorical pie that is an actual skyscraper, Duck & Waffle opens tomorrow on the highest floor of the Heron Tower (right above Sushisamba), where it'll be serving up unique Brit/Euro chow 24hrs a day, seven days a week in a space where floor-to-ceiling windows wrap around a temporal collision of weathered wood/ceramic tiles and stainless steel/frosted glass

For Breakfast: Get some actual roast duck breast & waffle, topped by a fried duck egg & mustard maple syrup, or perhaps their "All Day Breakfast": foie w/ homemade Nutella, fresh brioche, rice crispies, and pork dust, fairy dust's opposite in that it makes you too fat to fly, even on airplanes

For Lunch/Dinner: Set yourself up with an old spot pork pie w/ smoked quail egg, the British Seafood Pot Roast with spicy 'nduja & wild sea vegetables, or linguiça sausage paired with "devils on horseback" -- bacon-wrapped dates, though if she's trying that hard to please you, your relationship's probably galloping straight to hell

For the Hours When You Ought to Be Asleep: From 2-6am you can snap up everything from roasted veal marrow bones w/ ox cheek marmalade, to BBQ spiced crispy pigs' ears -- the literal cherry thrown into the metaphorical pit that is your actual stomach.