Fusion with a view

London is such a melting pot, many people are unable to speak even basic English… quite as well as the immigrant population. Dropping into our pot: the US's Sushisamba, a culinary commingling of Brazil, Japan, and Peru set in a festively futuristic greenhouse complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor bar, all atop the Heron Tower -- so the whole city will be craning their necks to see how much fun you're having. Ah, bird jokes.Portions are as big as America, with sushi orders providing an Eddie "Nutty Professor" Murphy-like half-dozen rolls stuffed with the likes of king crab & Asian pear; if you look not particularly hard, you'll also find short rib tacos w/ crispy rice, plum sake-cured foie gras, robata-grilled duck breast, yellowtail ceviche, and Wagyu sliders.The drinking's also fairly world-shrinking, with cocktails mixing guava, jalapenos & cherries (the Sakura), or cachaca, passion fruit & chilli syrup in the Caliente! -- a quality you very much want in your melting pot, lest you be left with nothing but boring olde English people.