Food & Drink

Going Victorian in The City

Now open in Leadenhall Market, the very Victorian Factory House celebrates that special time in our history when both our efficiency and our monarchs were German, decking itself out in a sort of diet-steampunk collection of exposed pipes, leather armchairs, and chunky copper beer taps as it looks to fill you with hearty sustenance, booze, and the strange desire to call yourself "Empress of India".Their broadsheet menus resemble the FT, and scour the markets daily for freshness like palate-whetting bacon & thyme popcorn, mysterious-sounding "deep fried pork bits", dressed crab w/ herb mayo & Bloody Mary vinaigrette, a 12hr lamb shoulder, and a 300g fillet w/ whiskey & 'shroom sauce.Liquid capital, on the other hand, consists of a vast list of around 150 vinos, hops counting a full eight varieties of Meantime, and Victorian-inspired mixeds like Oil Proof Punch (cognac, port, fig liqueur & olive oil, sided by blue cheese) and the cardamom, parsley & pear Spiced Ale Cup, whose 12yo whiskey ensures that we will be amused, by pretty much anything.