Food & Drink

Send yourself to the tower

Up until very recently, the best most visitors to the Tower of London could expect was a couple of cold chops. Just opened next door, Reveller, named for a Chaucer character, is offering a slightly better menu, while keeping things truly old-school via a large main hall sporting huge banqueting-style tables, and terrace seating arranged around fire pits for the Winter months

The fare is as British as most of the known world used to be, counting slow-cooked lamb w/ fennel & artichoke, smoked eel fishcakes, a hulking great rib of beef w/ bone marrow & red wine sauce, and baked scallops in cider, which really levels out their bakedness

Those desiring to get medieval on their liver will find a fairly huge drinks list, featuring an apple & cinnamon flip w/ homemade cinnamon liqueur; a Prohibition-era Green Mary; the peppermint rum & raspberry mojito recipe first used by Sir Francis Drake; and an 18th-century punch mixing vodka, milk, saffron syrup & quail egg whites, known as the British Noggin. There's a lot of alcohol in it, so careful not to lose your head.