A pig, eaten at both ends!

Literally making ends meat, the folks behind "World's Best Cocktail Menu" nominee Callooh Callay launch the Beard to Tail four-day popup tomorrow in an old Shoreditch pub, hoping to make a deep enough impression that they can narrowly beat Wyclef and come back in September to go full-time. Clearly also aiming for World's Meatiest Food Menu, they're kicking things off with "sugar & spice" rump tartare, then moving on to all other things nice, like "Tip Toe" pig's trotter w/ pickled red cabbage. Bigger plates will include bearded pig cheek w/ ginger & dill pickle, an entire hump of pork rump covered in juicy brambly apple sauce, and a slow-cooked pulled beef featherblade w/ green peppercorn béarnaise & "Hollywood flatbread", thankfully centred by a sizable egg, and not a sizable ego. Because they do know how to mix a cocktail, they're putting a huge selection of whiskeys into service for hooch that includes their signature Andy Warhol: said brown liquor, Cherry Heering, Claytons Kola Tonic & soda all thrown into a Campbell's soup tin, because within 15 minutes you'll be sauced enough to give a kiss to your motha.

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