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Yes, that is a triple-decker burger

Going into business with a successful father provides access to all the lessons he learned while conquering the universe, starting with how he managed to overcome being Hayden Christensen. For a paternal pair bent on smoking meat, not Alderaan, saunter over to Red Dog Saloon, officially opening Monday. A meaty partnership in which dad does the "boring stuff" (accounting) while the son does the "fun stuff" (choosing beers), this wood-floored, US-style BBQ joint proudly splashes its spit 'n sawdust authenticity across cracked-leather booths, vintage ads for Razorback Gas (a nod to the mascot of the University of Arkansas American football team), and longhorn skulls (a nod to the mascot of the traditionally beefier University of Texas American football team). Their unique-to-London smoker has a fire pit filled with burning hickory & mesquite, over which they'll be slow-cooking 12h Angus beef brisket, glazed thick-cut St. Louis belly ribs, and shredded Boston butt -- smoked for a full 16h, a miracle given that it has no joints. There's also a wide selection of burgers (culminating with a triple-decker w/ bacon, pulled pork & cheese, called the Devastator), as well as sandwiches filled with burnt ends, ribs, crayfish/avo, and an outlier: the NYC deli-style Pastrami Reuben, packed w/ sauerkraut & Swiss -- a partnership the latter wishes history would forget. Boozewise, there's US-style hops, including Anchor Steam, Brooklyn, Dixie, Goose Island, Lone Star & Sierra Nevada, plus half a dozen margs by glass/pitcher. There are plans for a separate full downstairs bar by the end of the summer, by which time you'll actually want to put on a Jumper.