Taking casual eats <em>seriously</em>

Here to mercilessly taunt the entire influx of diet-whipped athletes coming to East London, newly opened Dalston popup Rita's is frying, BBQ-ing, and meatifying pretty much everything on its menu, serving it all up in a concrete space where exposed pipes & lightbulbs play off festiveness both fearlessly silly (polka-dot tablecloths) and '80s-inspired (stark neon strips on the wall)

Eat your heart out on, well, ox-heart tacos, fried chicken rolls slathered in Sriracha aioli, bacon-ated peanut brittle, and BBQ rabbit buns, perfectly setting up a "there's a hare in my food!" joke that nobody wants to hear. Although the place isn't called Rita's because it's run by a smoking '40s pinup, it is named for the similarly redheaded hibiscus margs put out by their twin slushie machines, which complement a selection of Pistonhead beers, classic cocktails, and iced teas

The spot's tentatively planning to stay open for a month, but they may well "stay put permanently", or even open another location after this one closes "depending on what happens" -- so you might have a bit longer to eat so much, you Inspire a Generation.