Food & Drink

Food hotter than the sun. Well than our sun, anyway.

Not since Glaswegian cuisine have food and masochism gone together as well as they do at Camden pan-Asian spot Gilgamesh, whose head chef has created a menu using the world's hottest chilli peppers -- so powerful, they'll even make you sign a legal disclaimer before you can order.

The palate-burners actually must be handled with gloves by the chef for fear of losing an eye, and stretch from the Scotch bonnet at a mere quarter million Scoville hotness units (for comparison, a jalapeno is 8k, even when eaten off Katy Perry's luscious rack), to the Naga (a onetime world record holder rolling in at a cool million), to freshly crowned international champion the Trinidad Scorpion, whose 1.4m Scoville rating will rock you like a hurricane instantly turn you into an old German man

These tear-bringers will be thrown into dishes like stir-fried chicken w/ cashews & holy basil (though "basil" isn't the word you'll be using), monkfish & physalis jungle curry, green mango & papaya salad, and, in case you're still hungry for punishment, a raspberry & strawberry sorbet, as sweet-but-deadly as a deep-fried Mars bar.