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Cow pies & wine taps in Kensal

Parlour technically means "speaking place", but this white-tiled, varnished-wood Kensal Green spot has fatter intentions for your tongue: occupying it with Brit-chow & a healthy booze selection from the boys behind Notting Hill's Mall Tavern.The plentiful offerings range from AM thick-cut bacon & egg sarnies w/ Oxford sauce, to PM slow-cooked rump steak w/ "sma-ash" (smoked -- not instant -- mashed pots), and braised beef shin stuffed into a suet pasty crust to make their Dandiest dish, a gigantic Cow Pie. Following all that, you'll find PB&J ice cream sandwiches, and toasted wagon wheels that'll force them to roll you and your nostalgia out of the place.Where the place truly excels however, is at the bar, where a trio of (imminent) wine taps pour house red/ white/ pink, while 10 more see crafts like Budvar Black Lager, Hackney Hopstar, and Camden Ink Stout (off tap there's a whole "Beeropedia" of Kernels, Brooklyns, and Mauis). Meanwhile, cocktails are ruled by the 5Alive & tequila Vicky & Bert's Wedding Punch, a royal union that'll put you anywhere but a speaking place.