Food & Drink

These suckers are gonna fly

Now soft-open directly under Kentish Town's new Dirty Burger, Chicken Shop is a much more thoughtful version of exactly what it sounds like: a red-bathed, wood-ceiling'd retro diner & takeout spot specializing in truly fowl rotisseries.Birds are marinaded overnight in secret recipe sauce (either Hot -- which, much like the Closing Ceremonies, packs "eye-watering spice" -- or Smokey), then steamed to lock in flavour. They're then skewered & rotated over a combo of charcoal & wood that fulfills every man's fantasy by keeping the "skin crispy and the meat juicy", before being plated as wholes/halves/quarters, and sided by triple-cooked, crinkle-cut fries, corncobs, or 'slaw. They've got taps pouring Camden Pale and Moretti, and there's also a similarly simple dessert menu featuring lemon cheesecake, warm chocolate brownie, or "deep fill" apple pie, hopefully a much less American Pie version of exactly what it sounds like.